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You Had One Job: Boxing Announcer Incorrectly Declares The Winner Of A World Champion Fight


What an unbelievable fuckup last night in Perth. This is the definition of "you had one job" and that job you absolutely cannot mess up. There's just no way you can let this guy go back out and announce another fight after this either, especially due to the fight being on a massive card where Lomachenko beat Kambosos to return to being a world champion. If this happens at an RnR, we all laugh about it and it's probably a viral clip. If it happens at one of the biggest boxing cards of the year? Well, good luck Charlie.

With that being said, why don't we do scorecards electronically? I feel like that's a lot harder to fuck up than the decades old paper method. We advanced everything else technologically, so why not something as simple as scorecards? Props to the referee there for getting ready to raise the correct hand of Johnson and looking super confused when it was called the other way. He was just looking around like "wait are we serious right now?" That's a guy who knows ball.

P.S. This nearly brought a tear to my boxing fan eye: