After Josh Hart's Blocked Shot, It's Obvious Knicks Fans Are Stuck In An Infinite Loop Of Trying To Escape Pacers Hell

History repeats itself, and in Game 3 we indeed witnessed that time is a flight circle. Everything we've ever done or will do, we're gonna do over and over and over and over again … for-ever. Myles Turner to laying down an insane block with a game on the line against the New York Knicks, felt like Pacers' fans were watching a re-run of our favorite comfort show. We've seen this one before, and we love it. 

The wildest part about the contested shot wasn't that it was 100% completely legal, and not at all goaltending, as stated by the league where they get it right 100% of the time - it was that Roy Hibbert was sitting underneath the basket wearing a #33 Myles Turner jersey. What a world. A smothered chicken to help get the win for the Pacers. Fortunately for Knick fans the series is only 2-1. If this was an elimination game, like the Hibbert block, and I'm a Knicks fan, I have no choice but to lay down on 34th street and let a city bus run over me. You can't live with that happening twice. 


It's going to sound crazy, but Roy Hibbert is one of my all-time favorite Pacers. I love a traditional center. Rik Smits is up there too, along with a smaller Jermaine O'Neal. A big dude who plays with their back to the basket, bullying their way to the rim, with zero ability to shoot the 3 ball. Love it. 

But the reality of it might also be because the name Hibbert is so close to Vibbert? I guess I liked the character Dr. Hibbert from The Simpsons? 

I loved watching Hibbert at Georgetown. I remember practically cumming my pants when when I looked at the 2007 NCAA bracket and saw the traditional big man matchup of Roy Hibbert and Greg Oden. Hibbert outscored Oden (an Indiana legend) and I loved every second of the game. It was bittersweet when Hibbert became a Pacer in a trade with the Raptors for Jermaine O'Neal, but with the memories Hibbert provided in the 2013 and 2014 Pacers' playoff runs, it was absolutely worth it. 

No one was more devastated when Hibbert's production went off a cliff and he was traded to the Lakers. For Hibbert to be back in the Field House and representing the Pacers, it couldn't have felt more like 2013. 

We even had a Lance Stephenson - Roy Hibbert reunion. This has to squash the rumor that Lance banged Hibbert's wife?  Time heals all wounds, but you don't hug and put your arm around someone if that happened. You hold a grudge till your dying day. Crazy to bring up, but any Pacer fan knows something happened with that team to cause them to fall apart, and it wasn't a GQ cover curse.


Avert your gaze, cover your mother's eyes, Dale Davis will be in attendance for the game this afternoon, a man who supposedly had a penis so massive, he allegedly kept duct tape in his locker and had a trainer tape it to his thigh. What a job, what a rumor. I guess compression shorts couldn't contain this man? Let's hope DD and his massive hog get the crowd going for Game 4, taking the series to 2-2.

Fuck it, Roy Hibbert highlights