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This Viral Video Of A Grandma Showing Off Her Boxing Technique Is Unbelievable

Listen, it's a quiet Saturday here at Barstool HQ. Someone's gotta keep the blog populated today, and I've bestowed the honor upon myself after some time away from my AI blogging server. On any normal day, you might scroll past this video and think nothing of it. On a day like today, where it's one of the only things on Barstool SPORTS, you click and you're happy you did. 

I don't know what the contract looks like to get this young lady in the ring at Rough N Rowdy, but whatever it is, we accept. I have zero say on that but we talk about wanting born stars and seeing this lady move like prime Ali is something to behold. Fuck the bingo hall, get her in the ring and let her show those hands. I'm Hispanic and if I know anything about Hispanic grandmas, good luck if you choose to cross one of them. 


There's a variety of scenarios in which she'd throw hands, the most likely being you even giving a slight insult to her cooking abilities. You want to act out in front of her? That left hook is something fierce and you're going to find out quickly. I wouldn't be a journalist if I didn't tell you this is Lisandra "Le Nena" Velsaquez, a two time Golden Glove champion and a trainer in the Bronx who posts boxing videos to help people as a form of therapy:

We aren't allowed to use the word el*ct*ic f*ctory anymore, but that would be two words I would use to describe this woman:

I'm not even kidding when I say that I might have to take up boxing and I conveniently live a thirty minute subway ride away from this woman's gym. That's got me thinking of who I could fight at RnR after a couple months of training with La Nena. Chief for blatantly lying and stealing my blog 6 months ago? Klemmer because he'd be an easy opponent? Meek Phil for all the Lakers trolling he's done to me?

More to come.