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Motivation 101: Michael Malone Got The Nuggets Ready For Game 3 By Showing Them An Edit Of Every Person Saying The Series Was Over

This is basically the basketball guy equivalent of a football coach burying the game ball or tape. We hear about it all the time, but it still plays. You give a coach or a team something like this and they'll run with it every single day. My only wish is he went ahead and listed every name. Yeah, we know who he's talking about - TNT, Perk, Stephen A. - the normal group in this, but you gotta call them out by name. Michael Malone typically doesn't give a shit, he won't hide away from comments. Pull out the Jericho-style list and read from it. 

Of course it worked too. Actually, no one knows if this truly worked because you know Nikola Jokic fell asleep during the video. But any time a team gets their shit kicked in during the playoffs, they always seem to win the next one. I don't know the true numbers here, just a gut feel on that statement. There was always going to be a win from the Nuggets. They weren't getting swept, no matter how bad they looked or whatever was going on with Murray. 

I need to see this video. No, I need to see the Nuggets players watching the video. This is such a hilarious tactic that I can't imagine truly working. All these guys know what are being said about them. There's no shot they watched this video and had some big change of heart, like oh shit, they think we're going to lose! Perfect execution from Malone though, just list names next time. That or let Jokic explain it all.