You Will Never Be As Happy As Charles Barkley Is When He's Talking About His Love Of NYC Street Meat With White Sauce

I don't know what the hell prompted Charles Barkley to start going off about New York, pretty sure he doesn't talk to Captain Cons. This sounds like someone responding to Cons replying to tweets about how NJ/NYC has everything and everywhere else is pointless. He's not wrong about the pizza and bagels. Overplayed, but there's nothing better. The water, I know, but it's all figured out. 

But then you can see Charles change his mood. He starts going on about street meat with white sauce. He knew what he was doing Shaq was biting his tongue the entire time just making sure that they stayed within FCC regulations. Chuck was egging him on with that sort of talk, no matter how correct he is. Street meat is fucking delicious. 

This is why we can't lose this show. This doesn't even crack a top-100 in terms of moments on the show, but it sums it up perfectly. You have Chuck trying to make fun of New York and then going on about his love for food. You have Ernie trying to keep it together. Kenny, well, Kenny was there. These dudes are the ones that are best friends, make everyone feel comfortable watching them on TV. It's not for the analysis. It's for listening to them make fun of each other and Shaq daring Charles Barkley to do an Oklahoma drill. 


I wasn't ready to declare Charles Barkley an enemy, but I think we have no choice now. 

That's arguably the worst thing you can say right now. He tried to make up for it by professing his love for street meat with white sauce, but Chuck has to be viewed as an enemy.