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Never Underestimate the Heart of A Champion Like Jersey Jerry!

I cannot believe Jerry freaking walked an entire marathon without any training whatsoever! It took him about 11 hours but who gives a damn?!?!? What an epic accomplishment!


I honestly do not see how he did not lose his mind on miles 13-20 from 1-6am. He did the entire thing without music too which is the only way I can go long on a treadmill.

Jerry's shins were aching the entire time. He had to do several punishments from the wheel from eating 3 donuts to a backwards mile & even a no shoes mile. But he would not be denied!

I was there for the 1st 13 miles and the final 2. I was a bad friend dozing off in the gambling cave from 1 to 6am. 


I cannot get over Jerry's resiliency. To do this whole marathon while out of shape with no training & vaping & eating 3 donuts is crazy as hell!!!! I know for a fact even I was in good shape this would be extremely difficult almost more mentally than phyisically.

I just do not see how any human can do 11 damn hours on a treadmill walking in place with no music. It literally has nuked my mind!

But if I have learned one thing in the last couple of years it is NEVER to question the heart of Jersey Jerrry! Congrats on the marathon!!!!