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I'm No Expert But You Probably Don't Want To Find Yourself In This Position During A Hockey Game

Bruce Bennett. Getty Images.

Jacob Trouba is what we in the biz would refer to as a giant asshole. He's just a guy who laces up his skates every night, goes out on the ice and looks to take guys' heads off. His wife is a doctor so maybe he's just trying to get her a little extra business every night. But if he sees someone's head, he can't fight the psychotic urge to take it clean off the body. 

But last night in game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinal, he almost managed to take his own head off. 


I love hockey. And I'd say out of the 4 major sports, it's the one that I know the best. I still wouldn't consider myself an "expert" per se. However, I feel like I know enough about the game at this point in my life to tell you that this right here? Not a position you want to find yourself in. 

First he tries to throw his elbow out there to smash Necas' face into a thousand little pieces. Next he almost puts himself in a wheelchair for the rest of his life because he's an out-of-control maniac flying through the air to try to kill someone. And finally, he almost guillotines Necas on the way down with the razor sharp blades he has attached to his feet. 

There are 8 billion people in the world. There are probably 750,000 or so Rangers fans out there in the world who are clued in enough to really have a say on the team. Ask any of them and Jacob Trouba is just playing playoff hockey, baby. Ask the other 7,999,250,000 people in the world and they'll tell you he plays like a dickhead. But the Rangers have a 2-0 lead in the series so I guess it gets the job done. 

Sidenote: In some sick, twisted way, I have to imagine Carolina wishes that elbow from Trouba connected. Have him watch game 3 in a suit from the press box and find a way to get back in this series.