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TikTok Influencer Wants To Cheer Everyone Up By Reminding Them That Even She, With Her Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes, Has Been Cheated On

You're looking at Caroline Lusk.

She's a TikTok influencer with close to TWO million followers:


Her latest viral video, with over 7 million views, was a video trying to cheer up all of her followers by reminding them that even she has been cheated on. 

Now, of course, this was done in jest. This is what we call gen z comedy….a bit of irony, a bit of truth, and a whole lot of "those who get it, get it, the ones who don't? DON'T." 

Me? I get it. Or maybe I am just mesmerized by these eyes? 

How do you cheat on this? Men are literal trash. This is literally me pondering how that would ever happen:

Caroline continued on:

If you’ve been cheated on and you feel insecure, it’s never about you because I’ve been cheated on. 

Surely it can’t be about me. You might be thinking well maybe her personality sucks? Unfortunately not. I’m hilarious and incredibly smart and I got cheated on. And if you didn’t get cheated on? And you’r not feeling insecure and you’re just having a bad day. 

Just remember somebody had me…they were in a relationship with me. Wrapped around his fucking finger. 

I would’ve married this guy. Fumbled me, lost me for good, forever. So you could be having the worst day of your whole life….but you’re not that guy. 

So it’s not that bad. 

Unless you are that guy and in that case if you are? Stop watching my videos and my Instagram stories, and texting my family.

Tough ending there for Caroline's ex-boyfriend. Spin zone for him if he's reading this: at least you're still on her mind? Not in a good way, but you're still in the ball game. She hasn't forgotten about you. Yes, it's hate and vitriol, but they do say hate is just love disguised by jealousy. All things considered, though, you're most likely cooked beyond belief. Texting her family? Never good. It's over. Never been more over than it is in this exact moment. Best of luck to you getting over her! I don't know if I'd ever be able to stop thinking about those blue eyes. That's just me, though. 


Back to Caroline, I do appreciate her inspirational words. If she can be cheated on then why be down? Life has its ups and downs for everyone. If even the elite amongst us (blonde hair (kind of) and blue eyes) have their down moments, we must power through.