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Weirdo Reporter Gregg Doyel Has Reportedly Been Suspended and Won't Attend Indiana Fever Games This Season After Being a Creep to Caitlin Clark

Bob Kravitz — Gregg Doyel, the Indianapolis Star columnist who was roundly criticized for his actions during Caitlin Clark’s introductory press conference April 17, is in the middle of a two-week suspension handed down by the Star’s owners, Gannett, and by the Star itself, according to multiple sources.

He will not attend any Fever games this summer but will continue to write columns off the team by watching TV from his home.

Doyel, who was reached Tuesday morning, wouldn’t address the issue, choosing to lay low and prepare for a trip to visit his son.

According to sources, he is expected to return this Monday.

Shoutout to the Indianapolis Star for doing the right thing and giving Gregg Doyel a pay cycle to think about how he wants to approach his introductions to athletes in the future. Unfortunately for Caitlin Clark, Doyel's suspension comes after she already had to be subjected to some of the weirdest comments I've ever seen in her introductory press conference.


Man, I had forgotten just how creepy those clips were until I watched them back. I'm not sure that two weeks is enough for this weirdo. It seems like Doyel is going to continue to cover the Fever this season in some capacity, just without being allowed to attend games. That's probably not the best-case scenario for Clark and the fever, but I'm sure they'll settle for not having to endure another presser like that again.

I guess we should just all be thankful that Doyel hasn't also parlayed Paul Skenes's stint with the Indianapolis Indians into a think piece about Livvy Dunne — though I guess we'll see what he has in store for when his suspension ends.