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Former Radio Host Joe Benigno's Technical Difficulties Are Absolutely Hilarious

NY Post- Joe Benigno plus technical difficulties plus a still-recording mic equals podcast gold.

Benigno, the former WFAN host, provided some laugh-out-loud and expletive-filled moments while attempting to deal with a technical issue on his “Oh the Pain” podcast and apparently a meandering cat.

Technology and Benigno, 70, have never been a harmonious tag team, and his latest podcast went off the rails while discussing the Knicks’ triumph over the 76ers.

“Ahh. Ahh,” Benigno said in an irritated tone. “Ah, this thing, this f–king thing. Of course, this would happen now.”

Now, this is the point where we mention that the mic could have been turned off or the podcast edited to remove this segment.

But neither happened and the world benefits.

For all the "mongos" out there aka WFAN fans, this was a must watch. So much going on it's hilarious. For those unfamiliar Joe Benigno was a long time host who got his start after being a caller. Everyone took a liking to him, as he's got a huge personality, yells, and talks exactly how you would want a NYC sports talk radio host to speak. "Bro" , "Yougottabefreakinkiddinme" and "Are You Serious" are all said more times than you can blink. Guy is a legend. Loved listening to his rants after bad losses.


He's one of a kind. And moments like this are just the pure unscripted comedy that comes with a personality like this. The yelling at the equipment, the coughing, then getting the cat involved. Pure gold. It was like a glimpse into an insane asylum but the best way possible. "Come on baby" like he's rooting for a horse to pull it out at Aqueduct. Tears. Guys like this are just the best and Benigno is so authentic it's his flaw. Any normal person would have edited this out of the podcast, or known how to edit it out, Joe leaving it in is why he's the goat. He for sure doesn't know how to edit it out, but he's such a showman and been doing live radio for so many years he probably thinks this is how you operate a podcast. Whatever is recorded good bad or ugly makes the final cut, no edits no nothing. 

Shoutout to Joe B still making us laugh after all these years. Gem.