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Zendaya Shocks The World With A SECOND LOOK On The Met Gala Red Carpet

GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! FASHION'S BIGGEST NIGHT!!!!!! Oh, you thought Zendaya was done?? YOU THOUGHT WRONG. We've seen outfit changes on the carpet before, most famously Lady Gaga in 2019 when she hosted, who basically acted out a movie scene by changing clothes on the carpet (it was awesome). Yet, we've NEVER SEEN someone walk the whole carpet....and then WALK IT AGAIN A FEW HOURS LATER! Normally Zendaya is one of the last to arrive because her looks are Prime Time, but because she is a host this year she showed up early. How were we so blind?? Of COURSE she was going to come out and have another moment that's hers. FASHION IS HER ART, TOO!


The dress she's wearing is looking familiar to the Swifties, those who know that "victorian mourning gown" vibe she's got going on is very "death" heavy so it's totally on theme. I want to give a huge shoutout to her stylist, Law Roach, who I personally have never seen miss a day in his life. Someone else tweeted this but, tonight on the red carpet, Law Roach's only competition was himself:

This gorgeous diva Mona Patel had WORKING BUTTERFLIES on her arms. Insane. Expert styling and just a great eye all around from Law. He and Zendaya are like Cinna and Katniss and I hope they work together forever.