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My Top Ten Best Met Gala Looks From The 2010s

The infamous Met Gala is today! It's time to judge expensive and beautiful outfits from the comfort of our couches. Sip wine while we drag celebrities to filth. That is the best part of the Met Gala! Judging from the safety of our homes, with no one around to come after us for it. 


In honor of tonights Met Gala, here are my top ten favorite looks from 2010s. I picked the 2010s because there is WAY too many outfits to pick from so narrowing it down a little helps. It's hard not to pick Rihanna or Zendaya for every spot but here it goes: 

10. Chadwick Boseman 

Dia Dipasupil. Getty Images.

RIP to this beautiful soul. One of the most BEAUTIFUL suits I have ever seen. Also, one of the only men EVER to actually dress on theme. We love and miss you, Chadwick! 

9. Ariana Grande

Dia Dipasupil. Getty Images.

This might be a random choice to some, but if you get it, you get it. This look is so ethereal and so on theme. Obsessed with the bow and the detailing on the dress. She looks amazing. 

8. Taylor Swift

Daniele Venturelli. Getty Images.


Controversy incoming! This is one of Taylor's most controversial and probably hated look. I LOVE this look. It's so out of her comfort zone and I love the dark lip! Bleachella will go down in history. 

7. Cardi B 

Dimitrios Kambouris. Getty Images.
Dia Dipasupil. Getty Images.

Serve. Work. Slay. The train, the feathers, the material of the dress!! OH MY!! This look is to DIE for. Cardi slayed. 

6. Billy Porter 

Dia Dipasupil. Getty Images.
Giphy Images.


Billy brought the house down with this look. He always goes all out and on theme. The men carrying him in? Iconic. The gold wings? ICONIC.

5. Zendaya

Sean Zanni. Getty Images.

JOAN OF ARC SLAY. I am obsessed with this look. The short hair goes perfectly with the chainlink outfit. So on theme, and SO COOL. She just looks insanely badass. 

4. Blake Lively 

Jamie McCarthy. Getty Images.
Jamie McCarthy. Getty Images.

The double look was iconic. So on theme. The skirt of her dress had same constellations as the ceiling of Grand Central Station. This dress is a beautiful homage to NYC! So beautiful. No one does it like Blake, BUT this is not my favorite two-part look. That would be…

3. Lady Gaga

Getty Images.


She didn't do one look or two looks. SHE DID FOUR WHOLE LOOKS. She did a full ass performance on the Met Gala steps. She looked amazing and I love the theatrics of it all. 

2. Kendall & Kylie Jenner 

Neilson Barnard. Getty Images.

This was SO out of the norm for both of them. Usually they go simple, and elegant. They never really go out of their comfort zone or on theme. This time around though, they did not come to mess around. They ate with these looks. I love the contrast of the purple and orange. I love Kylie's purple hair and the feathers on Kendall's dress. 

1. Rihanna

John Shearer. Getty Images.

The Met Gala GOAT. No one comes close to Rihanna's looks. This one is her best in my opinion. I cant imagine how many crystals are on that dress. Just an insane look. 

And none for Kim Kardashian! Bye!