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Birmingham City May Need To Sign This Fan Who Nailed a Screamer From 30 Yards Out During a Pitch Invasion

Birmingham City won its final game of the season on Saturday, but was still relegated from the Championship by one point in the standings thanks to a win from Plymouth Argyle, which is apparently a British soccer club and not a section of sweater vests at Belk.

Birmingham might have better luck in League One next season, though, if it looks into signing this fan who hit an absolute rocket of a free kick perfectly into the upper part of the net. I watch Premier League players every week who couldn't hit that shot with the ball in play or from a set piece and this guy came down from the stands with no warm-up and drilled it over 100 people. Get him a contract.

Also, everyone that bitches about field stormings in college sports in America should just be thankful we haven't adopted doing it after negative outcomes. These fans are on the pitch after getting relegated, the worst thing that can possibly happen to your club. Now imagine a field storming in Baton Rouge after LSU takes its third loss in the final game of the season to fall out of College Football Playoff contention.


I'm sure the Birmingham City fanbase as a whole isn't too thrilled about the relegation, but a season in League One is absolutely worth it for the guy who gets to have this footage forever. Well done.