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Madonna Played A Show For 1.6 MILLION People In Brazil Over The Weekend. 1.6 Million!!!!!





I can't even be cynical about this. Ok I mean…I can…and I will in a minute…but first we have to stop and appreciate it. 1.6 MILLION people went to a Madonna concert in 2024. That's such an insane number it's hard to wrap your head around. I always simplify it in my brain to really appreciate the vast number- if I told you 1.1 million people went to a concert you'd be like holy shit, no way. So now take that 1.1 million and ADD ANOTHER 500,000!!! It truly does not make sense.

Which leads us to the cynical part of it- boy, that must have fucking SUCKED to be there. What do you even do? Just stand in the middle of the pack and piss yourself? Go with the adult diaper? Smuggle hot dogs up your asshole? As cool as it would be to say you were part of that…in reality I'd imagine 99% of those people were in hell. Absolute hell. Nobody could see the stage, you're basically just listening to the 1.6 million people around you sing the songs, and did I mention the pissing yourself part? I really can't get over that. 

Ok, back to not being cynical real quick- credit to them for pulling this off. I don't know how logistically you plan and execute a concert for 1.6 million people, but they did it. Can you imagine All Business Pete trying to plan for something like this? No chance dude. 

And props to Madonna. Who knew she still had the ability to draw a crowd like that??? I mean I know it's Madonna, but to me, she's more of a name/brand than an artist 1.6 million people would line up to see. Brazil is built different, that's for sure. South America crowds fucking GO. 

There's only one show I'd stand in a 1.6 million person crowd and piss my pants for- Oasis. If the lads got back together and played a 1.6 million person show, I'll be there. I don't care if Elvis comes back to life and opens for the reincarnated Beatles, I'll watch the DVD. But if Liam and Noel get back together, I'll be there no matter what.