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Michel Pereira Backflips Onto His Opponent And Submits Him Within A Minute


Michel Pereira came into the UFC in 2019 as a bit of a meme fighter, who went viral for doing ridiculous dances and backflips mid-fight - and then he quickly cleaned up his game and became a legitimate threat in both the welterweight and middleweight divisions over the last couple years. Since his return to middleweight, specifically, he's looked phenomenal - and he's kind of operated as more of a no-nonsense fighter....but that all got thrown out the window tonight!

Pereira came outta his corner like a man determined tonight in his bout with Ihor Potieria, dropped him in just over thirty seconds - AND THEN BACKFLIPPED ONTO HIM! It was awesome! He kinda landed an illegal knee in the process, and by kinda I mean definitely....

….but it was like an artist playing a hit from their debut album they don't play anymore! It was such an awesome moment nobody cared about any of the other nonsense!


Moments later, Pereira slapped a guillotine on Potieria, and choked him unconscious despite getting the tap! I guess the choke was just insanely tight, because Michel didn't hold on for too long or anything, and then Potieria seemed to have a bit of a seizure. Very scary stuff. Hope he's alright.

Crazy back-to-back finishes to start this pay-per-view.