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Sixers And Knicks Fans Might Save Society By Opting To Fight Via Oklahoma Drills Outside Of Wells Fargo Center

We don't need to talk about anything that happened on the court at last night's game 6 between the Sixers and Knicks. There was nothing of importance going on there. The really story happened outside of Wells Fargo Center after the game ended. 

Much was made about Knicks fans coming down to Philly and taking over Wells Fargo Center in game 4. While that was certainly true, Philly fans weren't going to just sit back and allow it to happen again in game 6. If Knicks fans were going to continue buying tickets in droves, Sixers fans were going to make sure they realized they are not welcome in the building. Honestly I'm shocked the entire arena didn't erupt into a giant battle royale throughout the game. 

Postgame is where things get really dicey. You have drunk Sixers fans who are pissed off and fed up with the Sixers season coming to another early end. You have drunk Knicks fans who are riding high off of so much irrational confidence that they start running their mouths. The Sixers fans are looking for a fight, the Knicks fans are giving them every reason to start swinging. Things could have gotten ugly out there. 


But at the end of the day, dudes always win. And instead of getting into a giant melee where people have the potential to get seriously injured, these two dudes decided to handle their business like men. Combat via Oklahoma drill. 

No sucker punches. No multiple guys jumping in and ganging up on one. No weapons. No nothing. Just two dudes squashing it right then and there. 

Philly fans may be scumbags. Knicks fans may be scumbags. But if you want to get into a physical altercation at a sporting event, that right there is how it is done with class and dignity. So let's just forget anything that happened on the court, and always remember the night that Sixers fans saved society.