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West Virginia's All Black "Coal Rush" Uniforms Are The Early Front Runner For Best Alternate Jerseys Of The Season

What a fucking hype video, and talk about a natural fit...

 I can just see it now: Milan Pusker Stadium, night game, Mountaineers in their all blacks, crowd in a blackout (and blacked out), and the lights go out in pregame....chills. And the phrase West Virginia Mined, Built on Bravery has me juiced up too. Because these all black "Coal Rush" uniforms are the perfect alternate look for a team from Morgantown. I see some people complaining that they don't incorporate either school color, but they incorporate the industry that the state was built on. So they better not waste these on some dumbass Big 12 game. In my opinion, they have 3 options and 3 options only:

- Wear these in the opener vs. Penn State (C-)

- Wear these in the Backyard Brawl @ Pitt (A)

- Wear these at a night game in Morgantown that they declare a Blackout (A+)


I wish Pitt was at WVU this year, but it's not. Should be a night game though, so is it possible for them to rock the Coal Rush WVU jerseys vs. the Pitt Steel unis....?

Eh, probably not. Would be cool, but also would be damn near impossible to differentiate between the two at night. Either way, cool unis from West Virginia. I would slate them at #4 over the past few years, alternate wise.

#1 - Notre Dame greens

Michael Reaves. Getty Images.

#2 - Ole Miss blues

Jamie Schwaberow. Getty Images.

#3 - Ohio State greys


And then I'd put these West Virginia Coal Rushes. 

But those top ones just look cool, these WVU ones have meaning. Tweets like these fire me the fuck up:

Yeah, it's gotta be a night game. Coal Miners get in free. $1 beers. It would be the greatest Country Roads ever played, for those that make it to the end.