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Jalen Brunson Mocking Philly Fans (And Kenny Smith) By Reminding Them About His National Titles At Nova Was So Damn Perfect

This right here is more personality than anything Jalen Brunson did at Villanova. And you know what? Good. This is the beautiful moment where Jalen Brunson needed to remind everyone that he put up more banners in Wells Fargo than the Sixers in the last 40 years. There was arguably also no dumber storyline than Philly fans trying to get upset about Villanova. 


Can't believe a college would ever tweet out about their former players. Crazy concept Nova had there. But that look in a crowd that was (probably) 51% Knicks fans, 49% Sixers fans was cold-blooded. Just staring up at his banners as he single-handedly ended another year of The Process. Brunson drilling another clutch shot, doesn't need to say anything and just stare as people scream at him. It's a beautiful way to shit talk. 

And how does he follow it up? Talking shit to Kenny Smith for 2016

Charles Barkley was ready to forget about the women in San Antonio for Jalen Brunson in this moment. Chuck has never been happier, except when the Jenkins shot went in. 

If that's not enough, you had this moment in the press conference


Josh Hart stole the show there. That man was baffled and over the random chanting. But this is who the Knicks are now. We are a team that has 4* (RIPIP Arch, the true architect of it all) Nova players, all of who will rip Philly's hearts out. Not a bad spot to be. Cold blooded man. Only way to describe Brunson. Dude just has that killer instinct no matter how the game is going and will make you miserable rooting against him.