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I Made Mark Titus Proud With a Trillion in Louisiana Senate vs. House of Representaives Basketball Game

Last night, I "played" in the annual Louisiana State Senate vs. House of Representatives Charity Basketball Game at the PMAC at LSU. It was every bit the fun & unique experience I hoped for playing with and meeting all the members of the Louisiana government.

I had the opportunity to finally meet legendarly LSU Women's Coach Kim Mulkey before the game. She is close friends with a Monroe family I grew up with and I have wanted to meet her for a long time.

This photo went absolutely nuclear on Twitter with over 4 million views... crazy. Kim was very nice and fun to meet.


Before the game, it was kind of a thrill hearing my name introduced at the PMAC.

It was a fun event with a decent amount of people there. The Senate had a small lead at halftime.

The Senate Coach Cleo Fields strategy was to save me as the closer for the 2nd half clearly.

The Southern University Band even played Neck at Halftime.

I subbed in during the middle of the 2nd half for 3 minutes. While I did not manage to get on the box score, I did force a turnover!

The House ended up winning 44-37 and my buddy and Baton Rouge House Rep Dixon McMaken trolled me hard post game.


Thanks to Senator Jay Morris for inviting me! 

The winning House of Representatives were awarded with a new basketball court in a poor district in Louisiana and it was all for a great cause!

I am going to need more training from Ohio's Tate to actually get in the box score next year….