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HOLY SHIT! Airbnb Announced That People Will Be Able To Stay In The X-Mansion From X-Men '97, The House From "Up" (That Actually Floats), And Other Iconic Famous Spots


Gizmodo- New themed stays are coming to Airbnb with Icons, a new category of lodging featuring unique experiences inspired by major icons in music, film, television, art, sports, and more. There will be 11 experiences for 2024; the list includes Disney-inspired stays that will take you to Westchester, New York to stay in the X-Men ‘97 X-Mansion, and New Mexico to float among the clouds in Pixar’s Up house. 

Icons will be featured in their own category on Airbnb’s website. Most Icons will either be free or priced under $100 per guest—but you can’t just book them like a regular Airbnb. There will be a countdown display until the time each Icon goes live, and guests can request to book through the app. Lucky guests who are picked will get a digital golden ticket, and there will be more than 4,000 tickets available in 2024.

Welp, I know where Robbie and I will be taping our next episode of My Mom's Basement! If Portnoy says no, I think I have to quit because I didn't play such a pivotal role in building this half a billion dollar media company to have them pinch $97 worth of pennies for the incredible content that will come out of it, which will pretty much be me acting like Augustus Gloop sucking up chocolate river fudge as I enter all the rooms of fictional characters I grew up reading in comic books and watching on TV before I go into the Danger Room only to end up gassed like Joel Embiid in the 4th quarter of every playoff game.

Actually what am I saying? I didn't play a pivotal role in building Barstool. I pretty much got in the back seat of this rocket ship and quietly rode to the moon by contributing whatever my dumb brain could come up with. But I think Robbie and I have to demand politely beg ask Uncle Davey to send over a few dollars earmarked for Disney Boys II: The Mouse Strikes Back trip in order to live out every X-Nerds dream of hanging in the X-Mansion. Especially since it's just a quick trip down the highway from the Casa de Clem in Winterfell.

There are other famous houses up for rent like the Inside Out HQ and the Purple Rain House (which probably could be called the White Rain House if you brought a black light to it).

However, the X-Mansion is all I give a damn about since it was what started by descent into nerdness and currently is in a show that has somehow already passed my expectations. I thought the show was gonna be good, but I didn't expect THIS. I  love the idea of going in the Up House, fear of heights be damned. But I know seeing the home Carl and Ellie built would remind me of the opening scene, which makes my heart ugly cry until it throws up every time, and would probably cause a similar reaction from hundreds of feet in the air.

Robbie and I are recording today's MMB live at NY HQ about the latest incredible episode of X-Men. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to record our reactions to the finale at Charles Xavier's humble abode, and by humble I mean a place that may have more square footage than any of the Casas de Portnoy.