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Jalen Brunson Doesn't Give A Damn About Whatever Is Being Said About The Knicks - He Knows It's Time To Be A Superstar And Win One More

This is how you lead from the front. It doesn't matter what's being said, good or bad, about him and the Knicks. They need one more. That's it. One more. He even admits how he fucked up last game: 


And now it's time to forget all that and win in Philly. The NBA is trying everything to make this go 7, most notably putting Scott fucking Foster as the ref tonight. That's not lost on me. But we're not Philly, we're not made of excuses. We won't complain about the Extender being the ref or Embiid's dirty plays or what Kyle Lowry gets away with. You won't hear us complain about a 9pm tip time or the cost of tickets. Nope, it's win for the fourth time, plain and simple. Doesn't matter how ugly or great it is. Win by 1 or 100, irrelevant to me. 

Now, I'd argue the bigger thing is Donte becoming the player he was during the regular season. It's a minor miracle the Knicks have a 3-2 lead with Donte not really doing much. You get good Donte? That's a massive upgrade especially since we only have 7 players. But it ultimately comes down to Brunson. He's the star, he needs to play like the superstar we think of him. Keep the Knicks in it, give us a lead before the non-Embiid minutes and close the game. 

If there's no foul trouble, Brunson, Hart and OG are going to play damn near all 48 minutes. Fine by them. This is why Thibs doesn't sub in the regular season either. Build up some tolerance. This is the message that had to be said though. Block out the noise and go win a fucking game.