I'm Leaving NYC And Joining The Montana Boyz




It's no secret that New York City is falling apart. It has become an absolute hellhole. And for the first time in my life, I've realized I need to move out and start fresh. Unfortunately, that means I would need to find a new job. So I did some research on content creator groups not based in New York - The Nelk Boyz, Sway House, the Barstool Chicago Office - but eventually I stumbled upon the perfect match …… The Montana Boyz. 

If you don't know about the Montana Boyz, they are the hottest group on TikTok right now. It's a few hot guys (not that I'm into that) walking around the countryside and listening to country music. It's incredible. Here's some examples. 

They are clearly the perfect match for me. So I had them come into the office and I auditioned to join their group. Smoking cigarettes, drinking whiskey, flipping tires, riding horses, spitting dip, I put on a full country boy clinic. Here's a quick little practice video I made with Joey, Marty, and Meek Phil as a teaser.


Watch the full video to see if I was country enough to make the cut and please subscribe everywhere. This is probably my favorite episode of the year so please watch it!