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45.7% Career FREE THROW Shooter Doug Gottlieb Says Caitlin Clark Has A "Mechanical Flaw" And Maybe Should Be Advised To Fix It


I've mentioned this a many times, but in my blogger head the only thing that matters is pageviews. I'd write about Taylor Swift and take that beat from Keegs if it meant numbies. Journalists are the same way, except their method is to just fire off a shitty take on Twitter to get some clicks. I can't hate, but I can write about hating and capitalize on that. That's where we're at with Doug Gottlieb's tweet last night. I know he's a friend of the program, so to that I say let's rewatch the classic Bosco call in:

I do however respect someone who is willing to double down after being ratio'd on Twitter. There's a lesson to be learned there about never giving up what you believe in. Gottlieb took that mantra and threw 100 on the black:

37.8% from 3 at her volume? Am I missing something? I'd take her on the Lakers TODAY. What happened to "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?" She could shoot exclusively granny shots and still be appointment viewing and you best damn believe we're not trying to fix her form. 

They've long taught that unless you have something nice to say, don't say it at all, and this is amplified when your career splits look like Gottlieb's. We're not talking about Steph Curry here thinking he has a way to help Caitlin get even better. And to his credit he did give her a backhanded compliment by saying "well, she's impressive, but would you fix this in the offseason". I'm not even sure it's an accurate example because it's somewhat similar to Kevin Durant's release.

Even the guy's opinion he was asking for said he's "not too concerned":


Can't wait for the Doug "I told you all so" tweet on a Caitlin off day next season. 

P.S. This was cinema: