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#UnfreeBritney: Britney Spears Is Allegedly In "Serious Danger", "Completely Dysfunctional" and on the Verge of Bankruptcy


Who could have ever seen this coming?! If you follow Britney Spears for 1 day on IG, you know she is unhinged and mentally unwell. Not in a funny way, in a sad way. She acts like someone who has deep-rooted issues and we had to sort of put a quota on the number of Britney blogs because every day she was doing something new crazy, reminiscent of when she shaved her head and had to be put into a conservatorship. We didn't want to be on the next Britney documentary as the media company who pushed her to s.

And as it turns out, we were right, as sources tell TMZ Britney is doing terribly, spending all her money, and is "completely dysfunctional".


TMZ - Britney Spears is in "serious danger" on both the mental and financial front and is doing way worse than she was under the conservatorship … sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ.

As for her mental health, our sources say Britney is "completely dysfunctional." Since the conservatorship ended, she has no supervision and, according to sources, has radical mood swings that we're told are "shocking."

We're told Britney has been spending a fortune and is in real danger of going broke. Our sources say she's been going to French Polynesia, staying at The Brando, and spending close to a million dollars each trip between private jets, hotels, staff, etc. She goes every month or 2. We're told she also goes to Hawaii almost monthly by herself, taking a private jet, staying in the Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons, and dropping $350k a trip.


What if….and hear me out….what if Britney was actually being kept safe and alive in the conservatorship? Now don't get me wrong, I read all the same stuff about her dad and I think he sucks too. But that doesn't mean Britney isn't a complete nutcase who probably need some sort of help/supervision.




And it continues. Last night an ambulance was called to the Miami hotel she was staying at:


ET Online - Britney Spears is sparking new concerns over her well-being after she was photographed leaving a famed West Hollywood hotel.

The 42-year-old pop star was spotted late Wednesday night leaving the Chateau Marmont after an ambulance was called to the hotel on the Sunset Strip. At this point, it's unclear if the ambulance was called for Spears, who was with her former housekeeper, Paul Richard Soliz.

Spears can be seen walking barefoot while wrapped in a brown blanket and holding a pillow. She appears to be wearing short white shorts.

And she is for some reason blaming her mom for the incident…it's all a mess. It's the way neurotic people talk. It's sad.




I hope the story of Britney Spears doesn't end like this. History always finds a way to repeat itself with these child stars who get world-wide fame at a young age, used recklessly by adults, and then expected to somehow live normally. Hopefully Britney gets the help she needs!