Someone Please Teach Pete Alonso The Most Important Rule Of Sliding Into A Base Is Actually Touching It

I really do like Pete Alonso. Met him at the office once too. Awesome guy. But man this guy took a WEEK to run 90 feet. They cut the fucking throw off at 3rd base for God’s sakes Pete! 

Also … can we learn how to slide? Maybe go feet first? How about a hook slide? Fuck it go 1995 and bury the guy at the plate. Just don’t go head first and if you do go head first make sure you touch the plate. My God what an awful way to lose a ballgame. 

“That’s bullshit man” says it all. 


The review probably should have gone in our favor given the new rules but I put this one on Alonso. You can’t take a week to run 90 feet and when you slide make sure you hit the plate. He should have been safe even without the review. Awful awful loss. 

Also … Lindor left the game but thank the lord it was only a sickness. 

Final word : let’s check in on Frank :