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Frank The Tank Had A Miserable Time On The Rat Race

While planning for Rat Race 2, I was constantly looking at the weather and saying to anyone who would listen "As long as it doesn't rain...". The good news is that it didn't rain. The bad news is I should have also been wishing for no wind because it was the windiest day of the year.

I knew Frank wouldn't enjoy traveling on public transit. His rants against NJ Transit not only got him noticed by Barstool initially, but it also a hatred that still exists to this day. I didn't expect him to also have such a deep animosity towards the wind. He also seems to think I have some power or influence over the wind (or maybe all weather). He took the day being windy as a personal insult to him.


I must give Frank some credit though. Any time I've asked him to take part in any content, he always says yes. He might bitch and moan the entire time but he is up for anything. Even when I was a brand new employee and he didn't know me from a windy tube guy you'd see at a car dealership, he still was up for whatever. You have to respect his work ethic and his willingness to at least agree to do content.

Smitty should get a Nobel Peace Prize for keeping vibes as positive as possible throughout the Rat Race with Frank as his teammate. He sad he had a pretty good time just talking baseball with The Tank. I will also say they did better than I would have thought they'd do.

You can check out Rat Race 2 here: