We Need A Jerry After Dark Stream Trying To Break The Record For Most Trees Hugged In An Hour

UPI News -- A Ghana man studying forestry in Alabama set a world record for most trees hugged in an hour when he hugged 1,123 trees at Tuskegee National Forest.

Abubakar Tahiru, 29, became interested in nature conservation while growing up in a farming community in Tepa, Ghana. He is pursuing a master's degree in forestry at Auburn University.

The record attempt required that Tahiru wrap both of his arms around each tree in a close embrace without causing any damage to the trees. No tree could be hugged more than once, requiring Tahiru to move quickly between each hug.

Averaging 19 trees per minute, Tahiru easily surpassed the minimum requirement of 700 trees to establish the record.

First off shoutout to this guy for what seems like a pain in the ass endeavor but also somewhat impressive. I think when you break it down 19 trees in a minute isn't all that crazy, at just 3 seconds a tree, but there is a cardio aspect to running or walking through a forest for that long to make sure you keep up the pace. Again, the people who find these bizarre records to break are a fascinating species. I'll never fully get how they wake up and decide to break a record and it's never a normal record, it's always off the beaten path or one way out in the woods (pun intended). 

Anyway, now that Abubakar has the record, Jerry should try to beat it. I'm positive there will be major logistical nightmares with this one, like where it can be shot but just think of the content. Lucas and Ryan out in the woods like Blair Witch, the control room trying to keep an accurate count of trees and definitely fucking it up (because it's so difficult), Jerry inevitably screwing up and hugging the same twice and restarting. The chat telling him to hustle but him taking his sweet ass time hitting a vape, the possibilities are endless. 


Make it happen Jerry.