Stu Feiner Put On An Absolute Clinic Of Eating Last Night

The scene at Borrelli's is always something special on Islanders game nights. I'm convinced the tv's in there only play Islanders games. It could be Game 7 of the NBA Finals, The Final Four, The Kentucky Derby, or a lottery giving away millions to people at Borrelli's and they would have the games on Islanders replays or preseason. It's madness. They live and die with the Isles. 

Every table is booked, every customer in Isles gear. It's a scene.

And this series has delivered it's fair share of heartbreak, including the Canes scoring multiple goals in the blink of an eye...twice. 


You had Mr.Borrelli there being tortured by slow penalty shots ... 

this is after earlier in the series things got so crazy he had to leave to keep himself healthy. 

But the real star of the show was Stu Feiner and the eating display he put on. Just an absolute clinic. At one point Frankie said they were ten minutes from puck drop and Stu already had 3 entrees. Just a fucking machine. And as if he wasn't impressive enough while the cameras were on, he was housing Gelato during the intermissions. 

It really is something to watch this man entertain as he can make even eating funny. RIP to the Isles season, but as always the streams at Borrelli's are second to none.