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Rico Bosco, The World's Biggest Mush, Needs To Publicly Beg Knicks Fans For Forgiveness After Calling Tyrese Maxey 'Gutless' In The 4th Quarter

What the fuck man? I've slept on it, I've discussed it with other Knicks fans and we gotta come up with something here for Bosco. The fact he called Tyrese Maxey gutless is batshit crazy. It's, dare I say, downright stupid? It's one of the most insane things I've heard come out of Bosco's mouth and that's saying a lot. Go to lunch with Bosco once or twice and you'll understand. 

There was one person who killed the Knicks last night. Tyrese Maxey. He's the reason this series is going back to Philly. Actually, let me correct myself. He's not the reason, he's the only player reason. Bosco calling him gutless, Cheah out here calling dagger on the McBride shot. 


WHAT ARE THESE BOZOS DOING! I feel like I'm going insane seeing the tweets come through. We're all Knicks fans here, but have these guys ever watched basketball? Why would you ever tweet out or call a series dagger or call Tyrese Maxey gutless? Have we not learned anything from the first few games of this series? Do not say fucking dagger. Do not call Tyrese Maxey gutless. I can't believe what I'm watching. Plus, Bosco, you love to prove you watch college basketball. Do you not remember Maxey's first ever game at MSG? 

We need a full investigation into how Maxey fell to 21 in the Draft. Only reason I can think is because the NCAA Tournament got canceled and people forgot about him? There's gotta be collusion or something though for him to fall that way. Teams really took Devin Vassell, Kira Lewis, Cole Anthony and Josh Green before him. Now we got Bosco calling him gutless. Unbelievable. Bosco's gotta know what he's capable of, no one and I mean no one can be wrong as fast as he can in the world. Go the other way Bosco, call Maxey the greatest player in the world. Mix up the juju. The rest of us Knicks fans here at the company are begging you. 

I need Bosco in a confessional like he's on The Challenge and giving us Knicks fans a full apology. If Mitch can do it, Bosco needs to do it. 

We're now in a war. We're on the road, game 6, need a win to get this series over. I grew up during the Charles Smith, Reggie Miller, Patrick Ewing finger roll games. I've seen shit that would make people never want to watch a Knicks fan again. Bosco calling Tyrese Maxey is now on the list. I'm open to suggestions from other Knicks fans on how Bosco should be punished to apologize to us.