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Playoff Basketball Is Evil


Well fuck me. I spent most of this century praying for a team that could make me feel things like the 90s Knicks did when I was a kid and I got exactly that, with the worst of those feelings coming back on Tuesday night like a goddamn tidal wave. Tyrese Maxey played the role of the bad motherfucker that walks into MSG, puts his entire franchise on his back, and rips the Knicks hearts out while Mitchell Robinson played the role of the Knick that helped by giving said bad motherfucker the knife with an indefensible mistake at the worst possible moment, and Josh Hart missing a late free throw to make the math work for chaos to erupt. The characters change but the result feels the same. Being up 6 in a close out game with 28 seconds should be a wrap. But with the Knicks, it's often not. Getting your guts ripped out through your asshole is woven into the fabric of being a Knicks fan in orange blood and blue tears.

Now we have a series with Game 6 heading to Philly, where I expect nothing short of a warzone after Knicks fans invaded the city, took over the stadium, and threw a street party after Game 4's win. Coming back from a 3-1 deficit is tough, but it's not impossible. Especially when either team could've won every game in this series that is tighter than a (insert inappropriate sexual innuendo here because I'm too shot to know what's too far right now).

The only thing that's making me feel slightly better is that I am not a hockey fan because I couldn't fathom living through the shit the Borrellis have gone through the last week.

See Knicks fans? It could be worse. Unless you are a Knicks and Islanders fan. In that case, it really can't get worse. But those people have known that their entire lives. 

Time for the Knicks team to nut up and fight back like they have after every challenge this entire season. Time to win the series again in Philly AS LONG AS NOBODY COMMITS THE CARDINAL SIN WHEN YOU ARE UP 6 WITH 28 SECONDS LEFT IN A BASKETBALL GAME.


Sorry I had to let that one out. See you guys on Thursday, if I make it til then.