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This Mister Softee Locator App Is The Perfect Use Of Technology For The Summer Of 2024

Cindy Ord. Getty Images.

NY Post- The emergence of Mister Softee’s ice cream trucks is New York City’s sign that spring has sprung and warm days are ahead. Luckily for ice cream lovers, you don’t have to wait until the truck’s jingle is earshot to seek out the beloved ice cream truck. You can track exactly where Mister Softee is in NYC with an app — like NORAD for ice cream. The Mister Softee app is available on both the App Store and Google Play, so anyone can find the trucks in their area and see the truck’s menu before heading over.

Well, well, well! Now THIS is a beautiful use of technology in the year 2024. I know everyone's loving AI these days, everyone's loving high-powered tablets these days, everyone's loving iPhone 300's these days, but you this is finally standing above the rest in the world of technology. The Mister Softee app has immediately been downloaded on my phone and I cannot wait to use it over and over and over again this coming Summer because there's few things more invigorating than seeing the world's most beautiful van roll down your street on a hot Summer day and now we can do what we've been waiting to do all of our lives and eliminate the element of surprise on this.


Now does this defeat the element of surprise that you experienced oh so often as a child? Of course it does though we're living in a different world than we did 15 years ago. Kids are no longer playing stoop ball out in the street and they're playing Fortnite on the inside 24/7/365 so why not check the Mister Softee app after getting a Fortnite W in your central air-conditioned to know precisely when Mister Softee will be rolling down your street. 

And if there's no Mister Softee where your from than I apologize I guess? Cause that thing is unbelievable and I'd sadly assume a dying breed. Maybe I gotta get some Mister Softee for a future Sundae Conversation episode.