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LeBron James Jump Scared A Fan That Was Taunting Him Courtside During The Lakers Game 5 Loss To The Nuggets


Year 20! Or 21! Or 25! I've honestly lost count at this point. No matter what the number is, LeBron James keeps playing basketball and continues revolutionizing the game on and off the court. 

First it was being a positionless MonStar that could control the game in a million different ways. Then he made free agency a legitimate way to build a superteam. And now Bron Bron has found a way to get fans to stop taunting players without security throwing them out by briefly having their life flash before their eyes by thinking a Malice in the Palace storming of the crowd could take place. We are all truly witnesses, indeed.

I also respect the hell out of this fan for going straight at LeBron from the expensive seats even after locked in on the crowd. But I gotta take off points for flinching, which is a clear sign this fan didn't have the Mamba Mentality.

Giphy Images.

Blogger's Note: I will forever believe Kobe ate that ball fake no matter what other angles exist out there

Ahhh who am I kidding? LeBron's ability to fall back after no contact may be his greatest skill in his limitless basketball bag of tricks.