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The Journey To Throw Out The Ceremonial First Pitch At A Guardians Playoff Game: Part One - Tee Ball

So that's the video from yesterday's Blazin Dragons vs. Dingers tee ball game in the Homewood Baseball / Softball League in Homewood, Illinois. You should watch it before reading anything else. 

Post Pitch Thoughts:

That was one of the more awkward things that me, Kody, and Liam have ever done in our lives. Not only did we greatly underestimate the size of Tee Ball players (we thought they were like 7….they were 4), we also greatly overestimated the amount of people who would clap during the event. I'm not saying we thought it was going to be a sold out crowd or anything, but those crickets after Blutman announced me hit me right in the gut. Fans went kinda wild on the Strike though…..

Anyways, the pitch was belt-high, right down the middle, and now we're moving on to Coach Pitch. Getting a few of these messages as we search for our next landing spot:


Let me say this, Coach Jimmy, we hope to travel at some point. But for Coach Pitch, we're going to have to stick north of anyone that says ya'll. 

PS - We need a name for this.