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The Most Beautiful Sight In The World - Knicks Fans Have Embarrassed Philadelphia By Taking Over Wells Fargo With 'Fuck Embiid' Chants

Oh my God it's gorgeous. This really was a home game for the Knicks. Sad when you think about it. This is the moment we can all look back on and point at Philly not being this tough fanbase anymore. This never should happen, except it did. This isn't a small gathering of Knicks fans, this looks like MSG. This is the Knicks fans reminding Philly what a real fanbase looks like. This is the Knicks fans leading from the front. Fuck Embiid wasn't enough, a Knicks in 5 chant broke out too. 


5, 6, 7, it doesn't matter. Just fucking win. We did what we had to, won the first two at home in very fair and even officiated games. Lost game 3 where Embiid reminded everyone how dirty of a player he is and then Jalen Brunson was the superstar we all know in game 4. That's what the better team does. It's as simple as this. One team has heart and balls, the other is scared to play basketball. One team has Josh Hart and OG flying around the damn place, the other has Lowry flopping to the floor and Tobias Harris near tears. 

I love that this is our thing. We celebrate every playoff win like it's game 7 of the NBA Finals. Why the fuck not? A playoff win is awesome and we've gone far too long without this feeling. If you're not going nuts for taking a 3-1 lead over the Sixers, I don't want to know you. Piss every fanbase off by doing this at every single game. Home, away, it doesn't matter. Knicks fans will be there and overtake your place.