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Jalen Williams' Postgame Fit Is Further Proof That Fashion Makes No Goddamn Sense

Layne Murdoch Jr.. Getty Images.

Jalen Williams is one of the best young players we have in the NBA. His Year 2 leap (19.1/4.0/4.5 on 54/42%) is a huge reason why OKC had the type of season they did, and he's only 22 years old so you could easily make the case that he's just getting started. Considering how good the Thunder already are, that's pretty exciting for Thunder fans.

They not only have a player who looks like a real building block for a perennial contender, he's also a man confident enough to wear something like this to his postgame presser


As I've blogged before, I know absolutely nothing about fashion. Whenever it comes to Kyle Kuzma or Russell Westbrook wearing something crazy I just assume I'm too poor to understand true fashion. I'm a simple guy who lives a simple life, and the last thing I'm ever going to do is clown someone for their fashion choices. This may be "in" for all I know. As an old I'm not going to pretend I'm up with the trends

Giphy Images.

To be honest I'm not even sure what the hell that is, and seems like I'm not alone

On one hand, when you're up 3-0 and on the verge of sweeping the Pelicans and you're coming off the performance Jalen Williams had


I guess you can rock whatever the hell you want to the postgame. When you play well and win, everything looks cooler I suppose. Had the Thunder lost and he played poorly, I think we can all agree he's not wearing that at the podium. But in a win? Hell yeah you flaunt it. While it's not something that I feel as though I could personally pull off or would ever consider wearing, I'm also not a star in the NBA up 3-0 in the first playoff series of their life.

It also probably costs more than my car so maybe this is simply a world I'm not meant to understand.

On a more serious note, the Thunder look every bit for real as they've looked all year. While the Pelicans are certainly a little different with no Zion, the Thunder haven't looked like a team who's having trouble with the pressure or bright lights of the playoffs. Sometimes when you have young teams in this spot for the first time, it can be a little overwhelming. You make careless mistakes, you lose to more experienced teams, stuff like that. But the Thunder have been dominant this entire series on both ends of the floor, and perhaps their youth and inexperience is in someway a positive. They look like a team that's playing free and ready for the moment, not unlike the other top seeds in the West. 

All of OKC, DEN, and MIN have looked incredible to start this Western Conference Playoff gauntlet, but only one of them has a guy who is brave enough to rock something like that at his postgame presser. You think Jokic is doing that? You think Ant is doing that? No chance. 

The question now becomes since the Thunder won and Jalen played great while rocking this, he has to wear it until the Thunder lose right? You can't mess with playoff juju, especially when it looks like you could be poised for a deep playoff run.