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The Famous Miss Peaches STUNS In Her Signature "Peach" On The LifeLine Animal Project Good Human Gala Red Carpet

(ATLANTA, GA) - Alongside (color coordinating!) Proud Papa, Dave Portnoy, The jaw droppingly stunning Miss Peaches ("Tummy Tax, "Aww Miss Peaches,") attended the LifeLine Animal Project Good Human Gala this evening in the Hollywood of the South. From the moment she crossed state lines, it became clear that she is the ONLY Peach in town who matters! 


Stepping out this evening in a gorgeous custom, hand made FurRescue Fashions Couture satin gown complete with detachable floral train, cascading petals of pinks and of course, peaches, we are left speechless. Not since Zendaya on the Dune 2 press tour have we seen such effortless confidence. Daring to be bold in her first official Red Carpet appearance, Peaches herself dons a perfectly proportioned shoulder bow that is, as her Papa says, "to die for," while showing us that MORE is MORE with a shimmering pearl collar that would make Aphrodite green with envy. 

Guests dined on gourmet Vegan Steaks made of the finest falafel. However, we're hearing dinner went quickly with the buzz of anticipation after it was announced that Miss Peaches herself would be taking the stage. The word on the street is, not even a live performance by Grammy Award Winning Kristian Bush of Sugarland could get a greater pop than the promise of Miss Peaches. 

The crowd proceeded to go absolutely wild for her, as expected. Rumors are swirling that the faint whispers of, "Is that Taylor Swift?" could be heard twisting through the tables as Miss Peaches stepped, or rather, glided into the spotlight striking her pedigreed pose. Cool, calm and collected as always, she accepted her praises with warmth, grace and class. 

Look out Hollywood…this darling debutante has finally burst on the scene, and she's not lookin' to make cobbler!