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Tyrese Haliburton Silences The Haters With a Game Winning Shot In The Final Seconds Of OT to Beat The Bucks

David L. Nemec. Getty Images.


Tyrese Haliburton wins it in overtime after Khris fucking Middleton went nuclear on a bum ankle to put the Bucks back in the game. I absolutely love the Pacers throwing the ball into the backcourt to give Haliburton room to pick up speed and drive to the basket for the game winning shot. ONIONS!!! 

The Haliburton haters are FURIOUS. Sure, he did go 1-12 from 3! I'll be the first person to admit I HATE some of the shots Haliburton takes, mostly the ridiculous 3 pointers where he thinks he's the second coming of Steph Curry, but those same fans bitching about how many shots he missed are the same fans that jerk off Dame Lillard for putting up points on a billion shot attempts. 

This game winning shot was perfect. I'd love to see Tyrese drive to the basket more, but he gives up the ball too much in an attempt to get his teammates going. There are worse qualities to have in a point guard, I mean it's LITERALLY what a point guard should be doing. Once Hali finds the balance of being aggressive on offense and getting the ball in people's hands on a consistent basis (not just from November - All-star break) Haliburton will be ready to be a star. BUT this is Hali's first ever playoff series, he's figuring it out. I'll take a triple double with game winning shot and a 2-1 series lead. 


I would have guaranteed a win tonight if I knew CC was going to be hyping up the crowd. Hopefully we kept Gregg Doyel 1,000 feet from the arena so that freak didn't get too revved up.