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Kyle Kuzma Couldn't Resist Dancing On The Lakers Grave After They Fell To 0-3 In Their Series Against The Nuggets

Kenny Giarla. Getty Images.

Given that the Lakers are on the verge of being swept (again) by the exact same opponent as last year, with that is going to come a whooooole lot of trolling/people taking their shots. When a team like the Lakers are continuously propped up by networks like ESPN regardless of what they are actually showing on the court, it's pretty common for everyone to get their jokes in/troll once that team loses. Sometimes it's Chuck


or randoms on NBA Twitter, and sometimes it's former Lakers who didn't waste much time subtweeting the team that traded him

Gee, I wonder who Kyle Kuzma is talking about!

Did it matter that Kuzma was a young player who helped the Lakers win a title in 2020? Nope, because as we know, when LeBron wants to trade for someone, that's what the team does. He wanted Westbrook, so the team got him Westbrook. Naturally, that led to everyone associated with the Lakers blaming Westbrook for every one of their problems before they ultimately traded him, but that's a different story for a different blog. 

And hey, while the trade to the Wizards meant Kuzma could slide into a #1/#2 option and get all the shots he wanted which then led to a 4/90M extension, that doesn't mean he's probably not still salty about how it all went down. So when there's an opportunity to talk his shit, of course he's going to take it. It's not the first time we've seen it from Kuzma and it certainly won't be the last, and since the Kyle Kuzma trade, things haven't exactly gone all that well for LA. They are yet to get out of the first round, and are potentially about to get swept in back to back years. One of the Lakers involved in that trade (KCP) is a major piece for the defending champs, who have spent the last two years kicking the shit out of the Lakers. Whatever LA thought they were accomplishing by making that trade, it's safe to say it has blown up in their faces. 


Now, is it a little sad that Kuzma is talking shit while being on a team that just went 15-67 this year and has never even been a 10 seed at any point of Kuzma's Wizards tenure? Maybe. But their problems are much larger than the play of Kuzma, who hasn't been all that terrible since arriving in WSH. I'm a believer that if you're someone who is involved in a trade and gets sent to a situation like the Wizards, you are allowed to talk shit when that plan blows up in that team's face. If you can't troll at that point, when can you? You could make the case that given how poor the Lakers shooting has been these last few seasons, perhaps someone like Kuzma would have been great to have in this matchup with the Nuggets. Unfortunately, we'll never know. 

The beauty in that tweet is you KNOW it has Lakers fans all bent out of shape. When you're on life support and about to get swept, I imagine the last thing you want to see when you open Twitter is Kyle Kuzma of all people dancing on your grave. That's tough.