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Supervillain Move - Panthers Owner David Tepper Went Inside A Restaurant To 'Have A Word' With The Manager After Seeing Their Sign Making Fun Of Him


You may remember David Tepper from this move: 

Apparently this happened less than 2 hours before the Draft. Do you know how 1) soft and 2) insane you have to be to stop in this place 2 hours before the Draft? I don't care if you go in as a 'joke', I'm not buying it. The man threw a drink at a fan, stinks as a GM and has Panthers fans at his throat. You don't joke around about a sign that's out there just to make fun of you. I mean they aren't wrong either! Last year the whole argument was that Frank Reich wanted CJ Stroud, but Tepper wanted Young, took him and then kept saying it's unanimous.

That worked out, well, you know. Not great! But hey at least the Panthers didn't trade a shit ton of stuff for Bryce Young. Surely they didn't trade the No. 1 pick and have zero options in the first round after winning 2 games. That's how you build a roster baby! Trade up one pick to get Xavier Legette at pick 32. Roster building baby! 

I don't care if he wasn't visibly upset or anything like that. You can't stop in a restaurant and 'have a word' with the owner of the place. You can't ask them who they'd draft considering you don't have a first round pick. That's David Tepper trying to be a supervillain. He's well on his way. You also can't let a sign get you that upset. You're a rich motherfucker who owns a football team. Just keep on driving.