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Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives

January 6th. A date that will live in infamy. We were rocked that day and now we are finally set to recover. It has been 1,936 days since 1/6/19...the day of the double doink. Our last playoff game. Not much went right since then, but it does feel like the universe is lining up for us. Lovie's win to secure last year's top pick. The subsequent trade for DJ Moore and Carolina's 1st pick in 2024. It feels like a cycle or a curse has been broken. The arrows are pointing up and a new date will be circled. 4/25/24 should be celebrated. That's the day where we leave everything behind. It's the day that the team which founded the NFL can start to rejoin the NFL elite. It all starts with the quarterback. We've never had one and appears...we do. Cancel the memes. No more memories of Kordell Stewart, Moses Moreno, Craig Krenzel, etc. We have a QB1. We have a future. It's a great day.