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Max Scherzer Believes Umpires Should Start Getting Ranked And Then Promoted/Relegated To And From The Minors Based On Their Performances

Let's get one thing out of the way here. We will NEVER live in a world where umpires are relegated to the minor leagues. The umpire's union is essentially the strongest group of people in the world. They could commit mass murder on the field, resulting in some of your favorite players dying before your very eyes and the FBI wouldn't be able to touch them. As great as it would be to see Angel Hernandez working a low A game and causing chaos down there, it's never happening. It'd be incredible to see the worst of the worst between the likes of Angel, Laz Diaz, CB Bucknor, and Wendelstedt duke it out for the last spot every week. 

While the relegation system isn't gonna happen, that doesn't mean we're not allowed to talk about ways to live in the same world as these umpires and come up with solutions. When I type that out it sounds like I'm talking about how to live in a world with aliens post invasion. Nope, just baseball umpires. 


It is NUTS that umpires get away with all that they do without ever having to face consequences. All you really see is Angel Hernandez not allowed to ump World Series games. While important, that doesn't come close to solving the big picture. You've got guys like Hunter Wendelstedt ejecting managers for things that the fans say. When asked to comment he doubles down while facing no punishment. Good stuff. 

I tend to lean against a fully automated, robotic strike zone. I agree with Scherzer that the human aspect of an umpire is necessary for the game. If we're ever going to advance to that level and have it work, we are YEARS away from the technology catching up.  I've long said the challenge system is the way to go. Don't like a call? Tap your head immediately and then a replay review shows up on the big screen similar to the likes of tennis in the past. 

This is the way. You want to rank umpires and embarrass them? Fine, but we kinda already do that with the next day umpire report cards. Newsflash, they don't care if they called 60% of the strikes accurately because it doesn't impact their job. If umpires are gonna remain in power, let's at least expand the rules so we can correct their terrible mistakes here and there. 

P.S. Juan Soto's accuracy with challenge calls will be a new unbreakable stat similar to DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak and Cal Ripken's consecutive games played record. 

P.P.S. Max Scherzer is never going to get a call go his way when he returns from injury later this year