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The Bears' Press Conference Announcing Their New Stadium Proposal Yesterday Was An Even Bigger Joke Than Previously Thought

Yesterday afternoon, the city of Chicago's brain trust, combined forces with the sharpest minds in professional sports, the Chicago Bears' front office, to putt forth their newest iteration of a new stadium to bring the franchise into the 21st century. 

After all, a world-class organization needs a world-class venue to play in 8 days a year.

It just so happened the Bears owners, the McCaskey family, is somehow more broke than the city they call home, so they're planning on buying a 1 billion dollar bond, coupled with $900 million in up front tax payer money, and another 2.3 Billion they and our illustrious Mayor say will come from a "hotel tax"... 

I wrote/vented all about it here.


The entire presentation got off to a wicked hot start yesterday with a prayer. The fact the Bears, and the mayor, dragged God into this dumpster fire is just flat out poor taste. He/she has enough to deal with right now. Last thing you need to throw on God's plate is this disaster. 


From there it was off and running. 

Our fearless Mayor took to the podium and began reading off his teleprompter, and mispronouncing the name of the most famous Chicagoan of all time, his holiness-

"There goes my heroooooo, Watch him as he goes"

Sidebar - We used to have a Mayor in Boston by the name of Thomas Menino (r.i.p.) who became pretty famous for butchering famous Boston sports stars names. Here are some of his greatest hits for reference - 

It will make Johnson's next 3 years much, much more entertaining if he follows in Menino's footsteps and exposes himself as a guy who's even more out of touch than we think already. 


I don't even care about the fact that none of these plans show parking of any sort for a stadium that's going to hold 80,000 people. 

Unlike the White Sox renderings which had zero parking also, the Bears can't get off the hook by saying, "oh, it's all underneath in underground parking garages" because it's literally on the lake and the water table isn't allowing for it. 

It's astounding these people have control over the third-largest city in the United States and one of the most prestigious organizations in all of sports. The world makes no sense.