In The Shock Of A Century, Matty Healy Seems To Be One Of The Only People With A Normal Reaction To Taylor Swift's New Album

Listen, we need to give credit where credit is due. I almost didn't even blog this because the video of this random paparazzi running up on a clearly in hiding Matty Healy feels wrong to me. They ask him immediately what he thinks of "the diss track Taylor wrote about him" and Idk it just feels kind of gross. He answers in the most polite way possible, saying he hasn't given it a full listen but he's "sure it's good." It is, thanks Matty! Him pretending not to have heard all of it is obviously a lie but I mean, come on. Let this man live. Taylor herself has said there are no scores to settle, no need for anger and she wants us all to remember this album is about HER. I'm not even like, mad or annoyed by him - they had a crazy relationship, a lot of back and forth for years, and now they've moved on. End of story. 


I was happy to see this clip after seeing the relentless hatred coming to Taylor from all corners of the internet. I woke up to see THIS clip with Trippie Red asking Machine Gun Kelly, "say 3 mean things about Taylor Swift."

Imagine if anyone had said this about any other artist? Beyonce? Ariana? It would be fucking insane. People would lose their minds. But Taylor? All they want to do is tear her down for, what, working hard? Putting out more songs than we know what to do with? Sharing her life with us? It's fucking despicable. 

Even The New York Times, who we hate, is trying to make the narrative that Taylor is "too successful."

Unbelievable, really. Not to get all feminist about it but this would never, ever be said about a man. Ever. I won't even get too far into it because it pisses me off on a level that I don't even like to let myself reach. Another thing - all of the anti-Taylor fans making tiktoks and "jokes" about Swifties and Taylor in general…what are you getting out of this? Why are you so insecure that you need to make sure people agree with your hate, and spread it around? Where is the "joke"? I'm missing it, and so is everyone else. It's sad and frustrating that we, as fans, can't even feel excited and supportive of someone great, without being made fun of. What a fucking shame. 

I'd like to continue living in the world where we can respect artists for their work, and feel proud of their accomplishments while we benefit from the fruits of their labor. A foreign concept apparently, when it comes to Taylor Swift.