Ha-Seong Kim Deals With The Stressors Of a Major League Baseball Season In The Most Relatable Way Possible - By Smoking Cigarettes

Justin Edmonds. Getty Images.

The stressors of life seemingly have no end until we take our final breath. Sure there are those who appear to move along through life without a care in the world. Nothing bothers them. They remain constantly calm, cool, and collected. It's infuriating to witness these people go about their business. The hell with them. We need more celebrities and athletes like Ha-Seong Kim to look up to. 


Mucho stress is incredible. Never related to anything more in my life. Took him all of one game to get back on the horse and light up a heater. Jim Leyland might get back into managing just to coach Kim and rip some darts. Wanna talk about lifting morale in the clubhouse? Let the fellas light up some cigs in the dugout during the games. 

You think he's hitting this bomb without a dart before the game? No shot. 

Ha-Seong Kim, now one of my favorite players in sports.