The Trailers for the BCFF Are Here And They Are Glorious


Starring: Titus, Donnie, Tommy Smokes, Jersey Jerry, Cheah, Jake Marsh, Mook, Zah and Chaps Dir. Mikey Pavs 
GENRE: Drama | SCENE: Love | QUOTE: "Last Gun in the Bullet" | CAMEO: Talking animal | TROPE: Nightmare/dream sequence

Like I mentioned in my breakdown of the posters, this is by far my most anticipated movie. This trailer absolutely rocked and, like I heard around the grapevine, Titus looks like a legit great actor as a detective alongside Donnie.



Starring: Hank, Mad Dog, Nick, Brandon Walker, Mintzy, Chief, Pat, Nicky Smokes, & Big T. Dir. Fasoli 
GENRE: Biopic | SCENE: Dance | QUOTE: "Tougher than the Sun" | CAMEO: Someone over 70 | TROPE: Flashback

This is my next most anticipated movie just because of the combination of talent and the fact that we are going to see Mintzy on the hunt for the G spot. I will note the same thing I mentioned in the poster blog, though. Is Fasoli loosing his fastball? Still no viva mention and I've heard around the grapevine that this was a Nick original idea AND YET the first thing you see on screen is "From the sick and twisted mind of Nicholas Fasoli". Hmmmm, much to think about. 


Starring: Chef Donny, Danny, Kate, Rone, Frank the Tank, Ohio's Tate, Spider, MMM, Mackenzie and Eddie. Dir. Tom Leigh 
GENRE: Horror | SCENE: Breakup | QUOTE: Fasoli's glazing tweet | CAMEO: first responder in uniform | TROPE: Breaking the fourth wall 

This is another interesting entry but mostly because I find it hard to figure out whats going on based on the trailer. It's obviously a blood-soaked horror but the fact that Chef Donny is the star makes me think we might be getting some Hannibal action. Franks devilish laugh gets the goosebumps going, though, and his behind-the-scenes antics make this a must-watch just to see if it is a disaster or not. 


Starring: Caroline, Joey, Blutman, KB, WSD, Max, Grier, Rudy, Memes, Ebo Dir. Owen.
GENRE: Action | SCENE: Fight scene | QUOTE: "Than I die" | CAMEO: famous person w/ dialogue | TROPE: Montage

This is both my least anticipated and most most anticipated movie at the same time. From what I hear behind-the-scenes, actor egos were out of control with everyone trying to make a different movie. Stitching that together will either be incredible or, more likely, a disaster. 


Make sure to check out the trailer for BOY KILLS WORLD and watch it in theaters the 26th!