Does This Look Like The Face Of An LSU Fan Who Took A 109 MPH Tommy Tanks Home Run Directly Off The Forehead?

This LSU Tigers fan thought he was going to do something every guy dreams of: Catching a home run from the best player on your favorite team. It's what we practice in the backyard as kids and really the only thing that guys want in life. 

Cory read the scouting report perfectly and was camped right under a 425 foot can of corn! Cory probably started to think about how he would tell his buddies, what his caption would be on Facebook, what he was going to do with the ball and then.......SMACK. That ball absolutely smoked him in the forehead and bounced wayyyyy far away. He didn't even get the HR ball! All he got was a knock on the noggin and a practice ball from in-between innings. Tough go for him on the souvenir side. Imagine doming a ball blasted with an aluminum bat from one of the best college players in the county, guy headed it like he was Ronaldo! 


At least Cory gave some great quotes, even though we pronounced "boo boo" weird. Is that how you say "boo-boo" in Cajun? Or maybe once you take 109 off the forehead you tend to speak a little different. He didn't say it hurt, but he did say "it don't feel good" and I believe that. Thing is gonna balloon up tomorrow during work and that won't be fun to deal with. 

I still love this guy and hope his head feels better, hoping to see a picture of Tommy kissing his boo-boo on Friday. All will be right with the world if that happens. LSU fans really are built different down there. 109 to the forehead and didn't miss a beat.