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Caitlin Clark's Nike Deal Is A BARGAIN At A Reported 8 Year/$28 Million And The Other Shoe Companies Tried To Lowball Her Even More


Not to glaze as the kids say, but Dave is 100% right here. The craziest part about the Nike offer was that it was the best by far if you compare them to the other shoe companies:

$6 million for 4 years from Adidas? What are they doing over there? Adidas has about 50 or so NBA players under contract and I can guarantee you maybe 2 or 3 of those are bigger than Caitlin and would provide actual ROI like she will. Devin Booker might be a stretch considering he dropped 70 on the Celtics at 20 years old, and is a superstar, but you can't convince me they're not trying to rob Caitlin. Puma hears Caitlin's bidding is starting at 3 million a year and they walked away and said "it's okay, we have *checks notes* Kyle Kuzma?"

And I'm a diehard Lakers fan but come on man. This of course comes with a signature shoe, and if you don't think every female basketball player from the age of 5 to 30 will be wearing the Clark 1's then you're lost in the sauce. How do you let Nike beat you to a generational player like this if you're behind them? Sure, they have more money to offer anyone but getting rights to Caitlin for the next near decade for under $30 million is going to be the best return on investment since JackMac bought Bitcoin in 2015. 

Clark isn't even my favorite player. I said she may have been the second best player in the country behind Cameron Brink. But marketability? No one is even close. And I know the people behind these decisions are all deluded old men with no concept of modern day athletics and they're still talking about sports on online forums, but man what a miss by everybody besides Nike. Checks over stripes as Drake would say. 

Congrats to Caitlin on the biggest sponsorship ever for a women's basketball player and like Dave says, hopefully she gets an early opt out when she blows through any and all expectations.