Rat Race II Trailer Is Out And This Time People Are Pushed To The Edge

Rat Race II is coming out on Tuesday at 10 AM next week and I couldn't be more excited for people to see it. We started planning this right after the first one and I had pretty high expectations. The production team here led by Booz, Owen and Dello exceeded my wildest dreams. I think you guys are going to really enjoy this one.

We wanted some mix of teams who did the first one along with some new groups of people. Here's what we came up with:

Frank & Smitty

We wanted to pair Frank with someone who would be patient with him but also really wanted to win. Smitty was totally the best choice. 

Keegs & Francis

The idea of these two wine guzzling Finer Things Club members running all over the city was very funny to me. They did not disappoint.

Gia & Grace

Gia was so good in Rat Race I, we really wanted to use her in this one too. Grace is the person in this show that I had the least amount of interaction with beforehand so I didn't know how she'd be. She was great on Most Dangerous Game Show but I had no idea what to expect (especially with an early morning call time). She was awesome and gave this her absolute all.


Doogs, Dana Beers & Hubbs

The Three Stooges won the first Rat Race so it was a no-brainer bringing them back. They didn't just win the first one, they completely dominated. They won each and every leg of the race.

KFC & Feits

I asked Kevin and Feits and was really happy that they both were excited to do it. It's a one day shoot but it can also be a long day and they were both really gracious with their time.

I don't want to give anything else away but I'll say this to go along with the above picture. We asked people to do some very exciting stuff.

Here's the first Rat Race if you haven't checked it out and please check out Rat Race II which will premiere on Tuesday 4/30 at 10 AM!