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Tom Cruise Reportedly Left Everyone At Victoria Beckham's Birthday "Dumbfounded" With A Breakdancing Routine And Splits

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Tom Cruise is such an interesting guy. 

On one hand, it seems like he's off his fucking rocker; the scientology shit, the jumping on Oprah's couch, all of that bizarre stuff you already know about from over the years. On the other hand, he's pretty fucking awesome. He's one of the greatest action stars who has ever lived, who famously does all of his own stunts for the 'Mission: Impossible' movies (and fights through broken bones for the sake of a good take), he revived the movie industry after COVID with 'Top Gun: Maverick', he's off to film a movie IN SPACE with Doug Liman soon, and his performance as Les Grossman in 'Tropic Thunder' will forever be an all time comedic masterpiece in my eyes.

He's apparently now reached the 'doing side quests' point of his life at 61, however, as he reportedly left guests at Victoria Beckham's 50th birthday party "dumbfounded" with a breakdancing routine that involved splits….

NYPost- Tom Cruise, 61, reportedly stole the show with agile dance moves at Victoria Beckham’s 50th birthday bash, which happened in London on Saturday night. 

Cruise has reportedly been friends with Beckham and her husband, Inter Miami CF President David Beckham, 48, for two decades, and the “Mission: Impossible” star did a breakdance routine that wowed the A-list crowd. 

There were no cameras allowed, but a source told the Daily Mail about the “Risky Business” star’s antics, “People were absolutely dumbfounded.” 

Everything about the description of this dance routine makes me laugh. "Dumbfounded" is just such a funny way of putting it - not that people were left impressed, but rather….dumbfounded. That's hilarious.

Can you blame them, though? I don't get out much (as you can tell by the almost translucent color of my skin), but if I were at a club, made my way onto the dance floor, and saw Tom Cruise mid-split in a breakdancing routine? Yeah, I think I'd be left dumbfounded as well!

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The Spice Girls also reunited at the birthday party, which should excite maaaaybe 1% of Barstool's readership, but I figured it was worth mentioning anyway….

Here's some more Les Grossman for good measure….


….and Victoria Beckham?! Still bringing the heat at 50 years old!