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This Is One Of The Most Vicious Spinning Backfists I've Ever Seen

BOOOOOOM!!!! What a fucking shot! The speed, the timing, the accuracy - that was nasty. 

Obviously, I love a good spinning backfist knockout. Who doesn't? When it came time to make an MMA page for Barstool, I wanted to name the accounts after the move (and settled on 'SpinninBackfist' because 'SpinningBackfist' exceeded the character limit) so now, every time we see one, it's a bit of a Rick Dalton thing for us....


….and this spinning backfist KO is probably one of the best I've ever seen. As pointed out in the replies, it almost looks like Gregor Balkian (the winner) baited his opponent in by slowing his pace down, and then he just unleash a backfist so fast it coulda killed a bird - Randy Johnson style.

Giphy Images.

I wonder if a bird has ever caught a stray punch/kick in a fight. Not necessarily an organized/commissioned fight, but even a street fight. Do you think anyone has ever Randy Johnson'd a bird with a haymaker?

Anyway, credit to “Sir" Gregor Balkian with Up Next Fighting for one of the best highlights of the year, and for not throwing any unnecessary ground-and-pound once he landed the KO.